What I believe…

All of the answers are inside of you right now.  You can learn how to access them.

You are the only one who can change your life.

Your thoughts create your reality.  Changing your thoughts is the most powerful tool you have in creating your right life.

There is no such thing as a mistake.  Everything that happens serves to help you learn and grow.

Your body is the ideal feedback system to tell you when you are off-course.

Who I am

I spent over 20 years practicing as a licensed psychotherapist helping people overcome emotional and psychological problems until I discovered Dr. Martha Beck’s Steering By Starlight.  Using the tools in this book, I realized that I had been limiting myself and that my heart’s longing was to become a Life Coach.  I knew that would allow me to  help more people use these powerful tools to create the life they longed for.  I use these principals and techniques in my own life daily and believe I have to “live it to give it”!

I have been trained by New York Time’s best selling author  Martha Beck, monthly columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine.

What Ellen’s clients are saying:

Ellen helped me turn my life around.  When I met her I was in a place of stifling thoughts and beliefs and she helped guide me to a place of strength, freedom and peace.  She helped me discover my true self.  I have never felt so incredibly alive, confident and strong.  It was wonderful making the journey with her!

PM, Ohio

Ellen truly cares.  She consistently invests herself in helping me grow and find solutions in ways that other coaches could not or would not.  Ellen is strong and insightful — definitely someone you want in your corner as you navigate life. I had sought out coaches and counselors in the past, but always came up disappointed by their lack of insight, their biases, etc.  Ellen is a breath of fresh air and her intelligence is both cognitive and spiritual.  She has taken risks with me, offered laser-like insights, proven a comfortable place to land, and always presented a challenge when I need it.  She knows when each of those elements is needed, always with the goal of moving me forward.  In being fearless and grounded herself, she’ll encourage you towards places you may only previously have dreamed of going and help you get there in a supportive, positive manner.
MG, Ohio

I’ve gone through many avenues of self assessment and therapies before but Ellen has the uncanny ability to cut through to the bottom core of the situation and uncover where specific stumbling blocks exist. In my career circumstances, she helped me tremendously with my recurring negative thoughts that invaded my psyche prior to and during the interview process. She was not judgmental but rather helped me see myself as a survivor. After a few sessions with Ellen, I landed a new job!

With respect to relationships, she helped me completely turnaround my life’s dialogue. Prior to meeting with Ellen, I really thought of myself as being the “dumped” party. I couldn’t believe how much that had impacted my life! I was totally telling myself a story. And guess what? That story was untrue!  Ellen is amazing!

CS, Florida

I have known Ellen for many years now. Before I make an important decision, I always run it by her first, no matter what the situation is. She also has helped me through some very difficult times. I can’t say enough about Ellen. Not only is she highly gifted with her insights and “spot on” analysis of the situation and what to take away and learn from a situation, but she is also warm and funny.  I would definitely recommend Ellen if you are in need of Life Coaching!!!

DP, California

As a new business owner, there are times when my confidence level and ability to move forward is stifled. Working with Ellen has really helped me move forward in organizing and putting structure into the steps I need to take to reach my goals. The time line that Ellen suggested is a tool that I regularly use now, to help me determine in that endeavor. I have better clarity since working with Ellen. Thank you for coaching me in the area of  business development.

KJ, Ohio

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Coach myself,  I really appreciate Ellen’s style and techniques.  She is able to support and encourage my personal growth and allows me to dictate the pace with just the right amount of accountability.  Additionally, she was able to address both the creative and intellectual sides of me.  Her work has enabled me to become clearer and more focused to achieve my goals.

MK, Florida

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