What do you want to change?

Change is the one thing we can always count on in life, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming.

Did you know that in order to become a butterfly, the caterpillar does not ‘transform’ itself in the chrysalis, it actually has to completely dissolve?  In this stage of the change cycle, it feels like we are losing our old life in order to move toward our destiny: our right life.

Did you know that if you help the butterfly in it’s struggle to emerge from the chrysalis by cutting it open that the butterfly will die?  The more the butterfly struggles, the stronger it’s wings become and the longer it lives!

When you work with me as your Life Coach, You decide what outcome you want in your life….

  • I want to work at a job I love!
  • I want my work to reflect my life purpose!
  • I want to end my struggle with weight loss!
  • I want to overcome fears that have been holding me back from living the life I want!
  • I want to learn how to access the answers that I know are already inside of me!
  • I want to feel more joy!

My coaching style embraces 3 core principals:

  1. Your thoughts create your life.  There are many circumstances in our lives that we cannot change, but we can always change our perceptions about them.  Our thoughts, perceptions and beliefs determine how we feel, which determines how we show up in our lives, which determines what our lives look like (our results).  I will teach you how to impact your results by taking control of your thoughts so you can create the life you desire.
  2. Acceptance versus resistance.  The cause of most of our suffering is not the pain of life.  Life involves pain.  Once we learn to accept what is and not be in resistance, we relax into the flow and reduce our suffering.  Most of our problems are caused by the way we self abandon to avoid pain.  I will teach you how to be present with what is and get out of resistance.
  3. Emotional maturity and boundaries.  Another area where many people get stuck is believing that other people are responsible for their happiness or well-being.  I will teach you how to have healthy boundaries in all of your relationships and how to take full responsibility for all of your emotions.  This will bring you a freedom you have never known.

Find out how coaching can help you transform!


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