Why Do I Keep Kissing Frogs?

The Real Reason You Are Not in a Great Relationship Might Surprise You:
How to Recognize it and Overcome It!

You are a smart, successful woman who doesn’t understand why you are constantly disappointed in love.You know how to get things done. You know you have a lot to offer a partner. You have tried online dating, fix-ups, read all the books about The Rules, why men love bitches, why he’s just not that into you…and you still end up kissing frogs!

You’ve thought about giving up. You’ve pledged to be alone rather than settle. You’ve thought about being happy on your own because you know you don’t need another person to complete your life.  

You don’t have to give up!

You are ready to find a REAL partnership. You want to share your heart with someone who will treasure it. You’re willing to spend the time and emotional energy to grow a relationship. You aren’t looking for the perfect partner because you know that we’re all human and less than perfect. (You know that makes you even more lovable to the right person.) You know that two people need to grow together and support each other’s growth. You are ready for the real deal!

Have you ever had these thoughts?

  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Why does it look so easy for everyone else?
  • Am I destined to be alone?

I’m a life coach for women who are tired of being disappointed in their relationships.  I help them figure out what’s not working so that they can gain the confidence to attract the loving relationship they long for.

After working with me, you will:

  • Know exactly why you’ve been disappointed in your past relationships
  • Identify the one thing you have control over that’s prevented you from getting the love you desire
  • Never again think about giving up
  • Feel more confident in knowing that you will attract the relationship you are ready for

Your REAL REASON package includes:

Your Love Story Audio and Questionnaire

In this audio, I will give you the key to unlocking the mystery that’s been plaguing you….What am I doing wrong?  You will be so relieved to realize that you haven’t been doing anything wrong, you’ve just been following the wrong formula.  By filling out the Love Story Questionnaire, you will identify your beliefs about relationships before our call so I can use your information to customize our coaching session.

Your Love Story private coaching session (90 minutes)

During our 90 minute call, we will apply the formula directly so that you can see how your beliefs about love, men, women, and yourself have been the driving force in creating your past relationships. Once you know how you created your previous relationship patterns, I will walk you through how to create the relationship you have longed for.  You will finally know how to turn this around and be successful in this area of your life!

New Love Story Worksheet

Within 3 days of our session, you will receive a custom worksheet just for you.  You will spend the next 2-4 weeks practicing what you’ve learned and starting to implement the new formula.

Review Session (30 minutes)

Two to four weeks after our coaching session, we will review how you have been applying your new formula and make any necessary updates. You will leave this call with a future plan outlining specific actions you will take to show up in your relationships from a place of empowered confidence.

You can finally stop wondering how you got here and know exactly how to get where you want to go!

Investment:  $99

Are you ready to make this commitment to yourself and the relationship you’ve dreamt about?

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Within a few hours, you will receive an email from me with the link to your Your Love Story Audio and Questionnaire to fill out and instructions on how to book your coaching session.

If you have ANY questions about this, please email me at ellen@ellenhartson.com 

Here’s what Syuzanna, of Cleveland, Ohio had to say

I was 44, had never been married or even in a serious relationship when I first started working with Ellen in January of 2013. I got married exactly one year later. I would never have met Bob if it weren’t for Ellen. I couldn’t believe how quickly I went from:

I hate men, they are all idiots, there are no good ones left, I will never marry, I don’t even want to, marriage is scary and horrible


OMG, I love Bob, he is amazing, we are getting married, I am the happiest person on earth, how lucky I was to find him, he is perfect for me, this is unbelievable

What I liked about working with Ellen is that she gave me clear instructions on what to do to get into the right state of mind to get what I want in life. She never judged, gave her honest opinion, followed up on progress and is very wise and a nice person. She is easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable sharing my thoughts, fears and most closely held secrets. I would definitely recommend working with Ellen!